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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which ACT score will be used? The highest ACT score from the applicant will be used for scoring purposes by the admissions committee.
  2. May students of the Academy leave campus during the school day? Procedures will be the same as those currently in place at Floyd County high schools.
  3. What activities are considered co/extra-curricular? Any activities established by the council of the student’s home school.
  4. How will community service be defined for Academy admission? For purposes of scoring applications to the Academy, community service will be defined as volunteerism that benefits the community at large.
  5. If I transfer to Floyd County Schools, will I be eligible to apply to the Academy? Yes; provided that all admission criteria are met.
  6. May an Academy student ride to and from school with another student? Transportation of students not transported by FCS buses is the sole responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian.
  7. Are there any expenses to the Academy? Tuition, books, laptops, transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided for all academy students.
  8. Who will be teaching the classes at the Academy? Classes are taught by faculty members of BSCTC.
  9. Will the Academy have a graduation ceremony? Academy students will participate in graduation ceremonies at their home school. Seniors receiving an Associate Degree will also be invited to participate in the BSCTC commencement.
  10. May I attend events at my home school that occur during the school day? With the exception of Fridays, generally speaking, attendance by Academy students at home school events during the regular school day will not be possible given issues relating to transportation and attendance.
  11. May the mobile technology devices used at the Academy be taken home by students? Yes; as long as the standards for acceptable use are followed.